A serious new warning has been issued for Android users to check for a “very dangerous” app that has now been installed 100 million times. In the past, the app has been accused of hiding malicious spyware. Now it has been implicated in a data breach that impacts millions of users. If it’s on your phone, delete it immediately.

New "very dangerous" app warning impacts millions of Android users.


So, here we go again. An app that promises to “protect your privacy and keep you safe” has been found to be doing the exact opposite. And this isn’t the first time it has been flagged as “very dangerous.” Last year, one technical reviewer warned that “it raises so many red flags, it's impossible to recommend for even the simplest of tasks.”

We are talking about SuperVPN, of course, a suite of free and paid apps that prompted two separate security warnings last year. First, VPNpro warned that “more than 105 million people could have their credit card details stolen, their private photos and videos sold online and their private conversations recorded.” And, just a few weeks later, that the app “allows hackers to intercept communications between the user and the provider, and even redirect users to a hacker’s malicious server.”

VPNs are intended to create a secure tunnel between your device and the internet, routing your traffic through the VPN’s server to disguise your location and your online activity. Such apps have become much more popular in recent years, with greater awareness of privacy and security, as well as protests around the world. But, as with all apps, you need to take care before you select one to install on your phone.