6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook Videos


Facebook is a social media giant, best known for connecting world events (e.g. sports, politics, entertainment etc.) into a common space and giving people the power to connect with family, friends and kindred spirits around the world. From its founding in 2004, it has became the place to share experiences, knowledge and opinions about what matters to them.

Increasingly, Internet marketers are turning to Facebook to achieve their video marketing goals.

What! Are you kidding, isn't YouTube the place to get video exposure? Certainly, YouTube enjoys tremendous search engine optimization (SEO) advantages and has distinct business value.  However, video in the “selfie” generation is easily integrating into social media these days. What remains to be determined is how Facebook can leverage video technology to better appeal to online entrepreneurs.

Here are the reasons why Facebook video marketing has become a viable option in such a short period.

1.  High Volume Traffic that cannot be Ignored

As the second busiest website in the United States and globally as measured by Alexa (behind Google.com), Facebook offers online entrepreneurs a super opportunity to define and pursue target audiences based on “ideal candidate” criteria. Each of Facebook's half a billion active users come into the social network with hungry eyes, even if being sold is not necessarily on their mind.

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