3 Ways Marketers Can Rise Above the Facebook Noise


More than 60 million brands have Facebook pages. These were created for marketers to connect directly with millions of current or would-be customers. But it’s getting harder and harder to be successful through brand pages.

Engagement ratios for brand pages are dropping. The engagement ratio per brand—average interactions per post, per brand, per 1,000 followers—has fallen more than 8 percent.

Why? Because competition for attention is unending and relentless. Even as time spent on screens surges, the speed at which people decide whether to consume pieces of content has also dramatically increased. So, billions of Facebook page posts fall flat each year—even with ad dollars behind them.

And yet we all see page posts in our feeds. The game can be won. The fact is, every brand has an equal opportunity for attention-grabbing on Facebook.

So, what makes for a good page content strategy?

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