Windows 10 update causing blue screens of death — what to do

Windows 10 update causing blue screens of death — what to do

Word is spreading that this week's Windows 10 security update is causing significant problems for some Windows users, while others are unable to install it at all.

This is a significant issue because the update, designated KB5001330 for Windows 10 versions 20H2/2004, fixes five zero-day flaws and patches up some notable remote-code-execution vulnerabilities.

But after the patch dropped on Tuesday, people began publishing complaints on various Internet forums that KB5001330 failed to install, sometimes causing problems as severe as never-ending boot loops and the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

"I updated and am stuck in a bsod loop," commented one user on the Windows 10 subreddit. "Same happened to me with KB5001330 on W10 Home 20H2 x64," responded another. "Found that restarting with 'Disable driver signature enforcement' allowed me to boot."

Over on Microsoft's own forums, several users have posted complaints that KB5001330 won't install at all. Instead, it seems to be throwing up error codes like 0x800f0984 and 0x800f0922.

Some folks who have managed to successfully install the update have complained in the Windows 10 subreddit about noticing sudden dips in game performance, including graphical stuttering and unpredictable FPS drops.

If you're concerned about the latest Windows 10 update causing problems in your machine, the simplest thing to do is not install it until Microsoft addresses these issues. Given the severity of the security flaws this patch addresses, we can only hope the OS maker acts quickly.

If you've already installed the update and can access Windows but are running into problems, the best solution is probably to uninstall the patch and reboot your machine. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Launch the Windows 10 Settings app, easily found by opening the Start menu and typing "Settings" Click "Update & Security" Select "Windows Update" and hit "View update history" Click "Uninstall updates" and select "Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5001330)", then confirm when Windows asks if you're sure Reboot your PC

Here's what to remove (click to enlarge) (Image credit: Future)

If you've already installed the patch and your computer is stuck in a boot loop, barring you from accessing Windows at all, you're going to have to try more drastic measures. 

As mentioned above, some users have reportedly escaped the loop by disabling driver signature enforcement, which you can do by selecting Advanced Startup during the Windows 10 boot sequence and hitting the Troubleshoot button, then navigating to Advanced options and disabling driver signature enforcement in the Startup Settings.

It's yet unclear how widespread the issues caused by this update are, but it's far from the first time Microsoft has rolled out a Windows patch that causes major headaches for users. Given the severity of the security flaws KB5001330 patches, we can only hope Microsoft addresses these issues soon.

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