Top 10 Essential Steps to Take Before Launching a WordPress Website [Infographic]

How do you prepare a WordPress website before launching it to your audience? It is often recommended to perform certain essential steps such as installing important backup, security and caching plugins. In this article, we present to you a handy infographic which lists down top 10 essential actions one must take before launching a WordPress website.

As soon as you install WordPress for your site, the first few things that you may want to do is to make the WordPress installation more secure along with setting up a regular backup. Similarly, setting up page caching is important in order to accelerate the speed at which the web pages are delivered from your website to your readers. Find below all such important actions that are needed to be done before you choose to launch your WordPress website.

The following WordPress Setup Checklist is prepared by the team behind TemplateFlip and they have also made available a print friendly PDF version.


Below, we will go through these 10 checklist items along with listing what solutions or WordPress plugins we use here at for your reference.

Backup Solutions

Having a Backup solution which takes regular backup of your site is quite important and will avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Here at, we have setup two different backup options. The first one is provided by our VPS host Vultr which takes weekly backup. Additionally, we have setup a daily backup using the Updraft Plus WordPress plugin, which stores backup on a Dropbox account.

Security Measures

Constant botnet attacks and brute force login attempts are a threat to your WordPress site. We use Wordfence Security plugin to prevent brute-force attacks along with many other attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, and Malicious File Upload. Additionally, we use Cloudflare which provides basic DDoS protection along with browser integrity checks for WordPress login pages (setup via Cloudflare Page Rules).

Enable Caching

Enabling caching on your WordPress website is a good option when you have moderate or high traffic. We use WP Super Cache WordPress plugin here at Additionally, Cloudflare provides us a free global CDN which accelerates delivery of static assets globally.

SEO & Sitemap

It is a no brainer to optimize your WordPress site for search engines and have a sitemap in place before launching. We use the trusted Yoast SEO plugin which also takes care of generating our sitemap. We also use Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster to constantly monitor our search engine presence.

Comment Spam Prevention

For dealing with comment spam we use Anti-Spam WordPress plugin which helps us in keeping automated comments out of our website without the need of a captcha.


For analytics, we trust Google Analytics and we have it manually inserted in our custom theme. However, you can use a plugin such as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP for doing the same.

Contact Form

We have a custom solution built on Google App Engine for taking care of our Contact form needs. However, we recommend using Contact Form 7 plugin if you are looking for a way to add a contact form to your WordPress website.

Image Optimization

EWWW optimizer helps us in keeping our image size in check. Additionally, we take care to upload optimized images which are scaled down to the size that we need using services such as TinyPNG and Kraken.

Social Integration

Our custom built theme takes care of social share buttons as well as listing our social profiles in the menu. We advise against showing social share count as they unnecessarily increase the page load time and the number of requests for your web page. However, if you do need them, plugin such as Cresta Social Share Counter is a good option.

Uptime Monitor

For uptime monitoring, we use Uptime Robot which provides a free plan for up to 50 websites. Jetpack monitor is another good option which can be configured from inside the WordPress dashboard.

There you go, this is how we take care of the top 10 action items needed for a WordPress website before launching. Following this WordPress setup checklist will ensure you have a sturdy, fast and optimized WordPress website before launch. What other important steps do you recommend taking before launching a WordPress website?

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