The sales funnel of an online business encompasses every step from someone visiting a website to joining an email list, to purchasing and repeat purchasing. Although huge efforts likely went into designing and producing products and securing customers, most businesses can do more to optimise their funnels, making a huge impact on their profitability.

7 ways to double your online business revenue in 3 months


John Ainsworth is the founder of Data Driven Marketing, an agency that works with online course creators, that “already have web traffic and great products, but not enough sales”. Over twenty years of building sales funnels, Ainsworth has analysed hundreds of millions of dollars in online business, to pass the learning onto his clients. Many of Ainsworth’s five and six-figure clients have reached seven figures in annual revenue after implementing his guidance.

Making improvements to each element of a sales funnel compounds. I interviewed Ainsworth to find out the seven most powerful tactics online business owners can deploy.

1.    Add “order bumps”

“This is the easiest way to increase total revenue,” explained Ainsworth, “and other industries do it all the time.” Order bumps are additional products offered on the checkout page, via a tick box. These are products that accompany what the customer is buying. “At McDonalds, if you order a Big Mac they will ask ‘do you want fries with that?’ If you add something to your Amazon cart, then they will suggest other products you might want to buy.” Amazon has reported that 35% of its revenue is generated from cross-selling and up-selling.